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img_0009Besides being three things that I absolutely love, Pink, Candy and Stilettos is a blog by and about the everyday woman and the way that we both love and balance everyday things. Women are multi-dimensional creatures. We are faced with the challenge of balancing home, work, relationships, dreams and numerous other endeavors daily. Through it all, we often need to be encouraged and empowered to simply strive to be our best selves… at least I do.

I am a wife and mother first and foremost and this absolutely does define me. However, I am also a sister, friend, reader, party planner, and lover of creativity among MANY other things. I love all things girly and I believe in the importance of women’s empowerment. Most of all, I believe in good clean fun! I don’t profess to do anything perfectly, but I try to live life in my own fabulous way.

Pink, Candy & Stilettos is NOT a news site, a celebrity gossip site or a place to glorify negative behavior & influences. Instead, Pink, Candy & Stilettos is a positive forum to share items and information that are fun, exciting, inspiring and relevant to me especially, as well as to other women. It’s a bit of a girlfriends’ hangout and negative information will rarely be shared here except as it relates to encouraging or inspiring others to make a change.

So, grab a cup of tea and let’s chat for a while. What would you like to talk about today?