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(Guest Post) Superhero Party Foods for a Super-Powered Kids Party

A superhero party for kids can’t be complete without some super-powered foods to go along with it.  Without a lot of extra effort you can turn a regular superhero-themed party into a powered-up play time with a charging station that may make kids and adults both believe they have super powers.  Here are 3 ways to set a superhero theme for your party and create a food and beverage display that will leave everyone speechless and help the kids fall in love with the wonders of science.

Super-Powered Punch with Glowing Ice

This is always a party pleaser.  Find a fun recipe for punch, a rack or stand that you can hide a pot under, some dry ice, tonic water, a blacklight and a plastic or fabric sheet.

First, pour the tonic water into ice cube trays and let them freeze. You can also take a bundt cake pan and make a large tonic water ice cube to float in your punch.  Next, place the plastic or fabric sheet over the rack or stand so you can’t see under it. Take your punch bowl and place it on top of the rack. When you drop the tonic water cubes into the bowl, it will look like they glow in the dark, which is why you’ll want to have a blacklight securely angled toward your punch bowl (just make sure the blacklight isn’t anywhere near liquids since electricity and liquids are a hazard).

Next, place a pot with hot water underneath the rack.  As guests arrive, use safety gloves and drop dry ice into the pot with hot water.  All of the sudden you’ll have fog coming out from under your glowing ice and “super-powered” punch so that everyone can power up for the superhero party.  The effect this creates is amazing, but make sure nobody touches the dry ice with bare hands and that only adults with safety gloves drop it into the pot below and not into the punch.

Kryptonite Dessert Toppings

This one is much easier to make than the one above.  All you need is a chocolate fountain or you can use a double boiler.  Take white chocolate chips and let them melt.  Once they have melted, add in light green food coloring or combine green and yellow food coloring to make a Kryptonite color (“Kryptonite” is a light green material from the planet where Superman was born and is his only weakness).  Not only will this be an awesome way to serve a Superhero-themed food, but the kids can continue powering up with this fun and crazy looking chocolate topping for fruit, ice cream or anything else.  I use two drops of yellow food coloring for each drop of green.  (If you use a double boiler, make sure an adult serves the chocolate since it can be dangerous for kids).

Test Tube Energy Boosters

We all know that some lucky superheroes gained their powers by working in a lab.  By using plastic test tubes that are safe for kids, your birthday boy or girl can wear their favorite pair of Spiderman pajamas, Catwoman PJs, or other fun superhero pajamas while serving a colorful shot of kool-aid, or you can color soda water to fun shades for a power-up and a toast to your little superhero!  These are always a fun way to recharge in between games and to have everyone toast the birthday boy or girl.

Having a superhero party is great, but if you want to stand out you have to make it a super, super hero party.  Think about things that turn people into heroes in the comic books and movies.  By taking those themes you can easily turn regular party foods into fun themed show pieces that the kids will love and you can teach them about why they glow, light up or fog so they can also learn about science.  Just remember that kids should never handle anything hot and shouldn’t touch the dry ice since both are dangerous and dry ice should never be added to a drink or something you are going to ingest.

About the author.

Melissa is a mom who loves planning parties.  Her favorite thing is taking ordinary themes and without spending a ton of money, taking them to the next level.

2 Comments on (Guest Post) Superhero Party Foods for a Super-Powered Kids Party

  1. My kids would love these ideas! They are obsessed with super heroes, especially batman and green lantern. Great ideas!

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