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It’s My Birthday…


I simply couldn’t resist!

Some people look at becoming another year older as a bad thing. They think about it from a glass-half-empty perspective and allow the aging process to sadden and depress them. Not me. I can’t lie and say that aging doesn’t move me, because it does (I don’t think that any human who actually understands the concept can say that it doesn’t impact them in some way). However, I see it as a blessing. My husband used to say this often, and it is so true “the alternative to aging is not aging,” i.e. if you’re not living and aging then you’re dead. Well, I most certainly thank God that I am alive and well and blessed to see another year. I’m grateful for my countless blessings and I’m grateful for you all who read my words, share my innermost thoughts and encourage me.

So, in honor of my birthday, can I get a little comment love? Look around a bit, find a post that you like (could be this one) and leave a message. It’ll make day! Smooches…

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10 Comments on It’s My Birthday…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your special day and smile at everyone you see today. They will know something great is going on!!!!

  2. Sindy Gilbert // January 19, 2014 at 10:55 AM // Reply

    Happy Birthday “roomie” and continue to embrace those wonderful years! I think when you age beautifully, who cares about the number. I still have students in my school who say, “You are a teenager right?” Lol- stay beautiful Sheka

  3. Happy Birth Day!! Best wishes for lots if love, health, peace and happiness. Enjoy 2014!!!!

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS GIRL! Just remember woman and wine get better with age. I hope you had an amazing birthday and sending you tons of blessings.

  5. happy bday, D’Sheka! i know you saw this on social media, but i’m leaving it here too! hope you are still celebrating and on bday high!

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