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Empowerment Café: Perspective

A friend of mine, who is not a mother, shared this video with a group of her mom friends last week (I was included).  With the video link, she included the following message “This goes out to some of my favorite mommies…keep pushing you ARE making a difference. I admire your strength and perseverance!!!”  The message was timely, unexpected, sweet and extremely thoughtful.  The video itself made all of us cry (I know this because we all responded to the group message once we had viewed it and indicated such). A few days later, this same video was covered on Good Morning America.  It really is wonderful to see!

This video is so beautiful because it touches on something that every mother in the world can relate to.  The featured moms were interviewed and asked about their parenting skills.  Specifically, they were asked to describe themselves as mothers.  Every one of them identified some areas in which they perceived themselves as lacking.  I could truly identify with these women, especially the mom that mentioned that she wished she had more patience (that has been my prayer since I had my first child 7 years ago).  Each of the interviewed moms was vulnerable and it showed.  In their loving eyes you could see that they wished they were better moms. 

Then… there was the second half of the video.

The children of this same group of moms were interviewed and asked to describe what they think about their moms.  In every case, the children thought the world of their moms and had tons of wonderful things to say about them.  They reflected on the fun things they did together, acknowledged how beautiful they thought their moms were and more.  The moms, who were invited to come in and watch the videos of their children, were pleasantly surprised and in many cases, reduced to tears. It was definitely moving.

The video was all about perspective and how we as moms put so much pressure on ourselves to be great.  While we are obsessing over the fine details of being a perfect mom, our little ones think that their “good enough” moms are simply perfect.  So moms, know that even in your imperfection, you are making a significant difference in your children’s lives.  As my girlfriend stated, we deserve to have those reminders every now and again.


6 Comments on Empowerment Café: Perspective

  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing. I know there are so many times that I wish I was a better mother. We do all need a reminder to not be so hard on yourselves. Great post.

    • So very true! I know for me, I am so guilty of this. I desperately want to be a good mother. I know that my kids love me, yet I still feel like I always need to do better. This video truly hit home for me, it was such a wonderful reminder! I’m so glad you like it!

  3. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m in tears watching this and I can totally relate especially being so young. I worry constantly I’m not a good enough mother but when my daughter turns to me after a long day and says “mommy I proud of you” that makes it all worth while. Thank you for sharing!

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