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You’ve Got the Look: Work Appropriate Color for the Eyes (Guest Post)

Let me take a minute to introduce you to Paige from Beauty Confidante! Paige shares the most amazing tips and tutorials, showing readers how to achieve fabulous looks using everyday, affordable, drugstore brands. Check out her blog HERE! How exciting that she has taken the time to prepare something extra special for Pink, Candy & Stilettos… enjoy!

Maybe you’re perpetually afraid of looking like Mimi, or just that friend in high school who wore too much makeup!  (We all had one!)  Or maybe you’re just afraid of looking overly made-up for your day job.  Whatever the case, we are all weary of the never-popular “circus” look. 

However, colorful makeup has its place in our lives!  Below are some easy tips and tricks for making any colorful eye look not only adult-appropriate, but work-appropriate as well! 

Look #1

Just as you limit the different colors you add into your outfit on any given day, do the same with your makeup!   Keeping your eye makeup within the same color family as your outfit, makes for a polished look.  For example, are you wearing a cute purple top?  Why not smoke out your lower lash line with a smokey plum and a bright lilac on the inner corner? It adds instant glam and you’re color coordinated!

To create this look…

1. Using Loreal’s Color Riche quad in Perfume ID, smudge the dark and light purple on the lower lash line.  Focus the dark plum near the lash line and use the light purple to blend it out.

2.  Using the same quad, pat the brown on the lid, and the gold on the inner corner.  Keeping the top eyelid neutral ensures that you won’t look overly made-up!

3.  Finish by lining the waterline with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, which is a creamy white eye crayon.

4.  Using the bright matte purple from the Wet N Wild Photo Op Eye Shadow in Dutchess Lounge, carefully pat this color over Milk to create a vibrant waterline!

Look #2

Blend out bright colors with a neutral brown to soften and ground the look. By doing this, you are instantly making your look more wearable and less severe!

To create this look…

  1. Apply the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in Pink Rebel all over the lid.  You can apply this wet for more dramatic color, or dry for a more wearable, everyday look.
  2. Next, using the dark brown out of the Maybelline Chai Latte quad, pat this on the outer corner and work into the crease.  Don’t feel like you have to use this quad, any dark brown will do!
  3. Smudge that brown under the lash line for balance.  I wouldn’t suggest using a pink eye shadow under the lower lash line as it can make you look sickly, so keep with the brown!
  4. Next, use the smallest amount of Pink Rebel over the brown that is in the crease. This will help to blend and create a seamless transition!
  5. Finish up by using a black liquid liner on the upper lash line to create a thin line, slightly winging it out.  It’s a good idea when using pink eye colors to always line the eyes. This ensures that you don’t look tired!

Look #3

Think about adding a soft pastel on the inner corner of your eyes for an etherial look!  Keeping a nude eye with this “pop” of color is a gorgeous way to add a little spice to your look!

To create this look…

  1. Use the Revlon quad in Addictive, to create an easy neutral eye.
  2. Next, line your eyes with a brown pencil eye liner.  Using a brown liner instead of black, keeps this look from being too severe.
  3. After that, pat the light blue from the Revlon Sun Swept palette onto the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Then, wet a small angled brush and apply a little of the same blue color more precisely to the tear duct area.  Sweep it up onto the inner corner for more intensity!
  5. Finish by smudging the shimmery brown color from the Addictive quad onto the lower lash line, blending it into the blue!

It’s as simple as that!  Now you have three beautiful, yet wearable ways to incorporate color into your everyday makeup routine!  Have Fun!

Contributed by the Beauty Confidante (@paigecoolman on Twitter)

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