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Saying Farewell to Dexter

Dexter-dexter-107296_1024_768Last night, along with fans everywhere, I bid adieu to Dexter, a show that I’ve loved for years.  In recent times, I admit that it’s been difficult to maintain my affection for the show, not merely because this final season has been weird, to say the least, but mostly because my kids put up a huge fight at bedtime every night (they don’t protest, they play games – and they win) and the 9:00 PM airtime has become increasingly more difficult to entertain.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dexter, it is a series that runs (or, I suppose now I should say ran) on Showtime about a serial killer who hunts serial killers.  More specifically, he is a man who works for the police department, has a need to kill and lives by a moral code that prevents him from taking out innocent people – instead, he “takes out the trash” by getting rid of those who kill innocents.  It’s an interesting concept for a series and undoubtedly, this is what has kept the show on for 8 seasons.

Dexter is something that my husband and I enjoy watching together.  I’m not a huge TV person, though I feel like I am now watching it more than ever.  When I do choose to commit to a show, it is usually something of the crime variety and something with many layers.  Some of my favorites today include: Dexter, Criminal Minds and Scandal.  I also enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, though I was very late to that party.

It has been a bittersweet season on Dexter, all leading up to this; the series finale (you can find a summary of the episode here).  My husband and I (along with a few of our friends) were really looking forward to this. I mean, we’ve spent our Sunday nights with Dexter for many years now; we all wanted to see him go out with a bang. This clever man almost went down so many times, it was all I could think about to wonder how this would all end.  But alas, the finale was odd and failed to tie up any loose ends. My friends and husband all agree that the final episode sucked and left much to be desired.  I agreed, but thought to myself, does it really matter? I mean it’s over now.

We’ve gotten many good years out of the show and we’ve enjoyed wonderful writing along the way.  The past couple of seasons have been interesting and I can tell that it got difficult for the writers to figure out what to do and where to go with these characters.  I appreciate the entertainment and commend the Dexter team on a job well done.  The show was smart, thrilling and ever exciting and while I’m not in love with the way things ended, I am still a true fan.  Here’s wishing the best to all of those that were involved in the show both out front and behind the scenes.  You’ll always have a place on my TV screen and I’m making room for the box set in my library!

You’ll always have a fan in me.

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2 Comments on Saying Farewell to Dexter

  1. You know I thought I was the only one that was sad to see this go. I actually felt a little… empty… as it finished. My hubby doesn’t understand (he never really got into it) but it’s good to know someone else felt the way I did!!!

    I had mixed emotions about the ending. It’s not what I’d hoped would happen and I agree it was kinda sucky, but thinking about how else they could have done it, I guess nothing else would truly have fit.

    Bye Dex. The last 8 years have been a blast!

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