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5 Minutes to Fab: Make Your Eyes Pop with Colored Mascara (Guest Post)

colored mascara

Want to make your eyes pop? Sure we have a variety of shadows, liners and more to give us some extra sparkle, but for subtle, unexpected pop, try colored mascara!  Plum, royal blue, and emerald mascaras are fun ways to jazz up your eyes as we transition into fall.  You don’t always have to consult someone at a make-up counter, drop by the drugstore for some options that are easy on the pockets.  Maybelline Great Lash and Almay carry options that may suit you.  A fan favorite for the electric blue is Dior Show.  It hits the jackpot!  Tip: Try the mascara on top and bottom lashes!

Contributed by Yummy411…get it here!

About Kia, Ms. Yummy411

yummy411I’m a makeup junkie and freelance makeup artist that loves to talk all things beauty! Besides all of that, I’m a thirty something, single mom, native of D.C. in love with art, culture and style. I’m living life, figuring it out, and pondering it all through my makeup and beauty obsession!

5 Comments on 5 Minutes to Fab: Make Your Eyes Pop with Colored Mascara (Guest Post)

  1. Since the 80s (and yes, I was there…lol) I have been a bit afraid of coloured mascaras… I have visions of blue lashes and pink eye shadow from those days…lol…. but something like a rich plum might be very glamorous…lol

    • Lol, I can totally visualize that! Whew! I hope not to see that repeat itself. I purchased a few colored mascaras by Rimmel and I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to try them out. Hopefully it’ll be a good experience, we’ll see how it goes.

  2. I see myself tomorrow at CVS for some new mascara!!! Thanks for post 🙂

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