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Music Moods: How Deeply I Need You

There is so much that I have wanted to write about this week and I’ll probably get around to it all eventually.  Of course, given the tragedy at DC’s Navy Yard on yesterday I thought of sharing my thoughts about that.  It was particularly concerning to me because I have a family member who works there in a building that is “a 45 second walk away from building 197,” as he puts it. Fortunately, that family member was home on yesterday celebrating another year on earth (how fitting). Further, I found out today that I know someone who loosely knows the perpetrator of yesterday’s events – they attended the same school.  No matter how many times I experience this, the six degrees of separation theory still amazes me.

I grieved and prayed for those that were impacted by the tragedy.  I prayed for those that were lost as well as those that survived because I realize how difficult things will be for them.  As they deal with issues such as depression, PTSD/PTSS, survivor’s guilt and others, they will need tremendous support from the community as well as their loved ones. My heart was very heavy yesterday, but in spite of that heaviness, I felt such gratitude.

I was grateful for the circumstances that God put into place to bless and protect those that I care about and prevent them from being more closely impacted by the day’s events.  I was grateful for life and health… I was grateful for all of my blessings.  Undoubtedly, I have issues just like the next person, but God never fails to show us that things could be worse.  And for some people, they are.  So, in my gratitude, there were a couple of songs on my spirit that I wanted to share.

The first is “God Is Real” by India Arie, you can check out the lyrics HERE and the song HERE.  For some reason, this song kept playing over and over in my mind yesterday… this line in particular, “How could he not believe that God is real, I don’t understand how he could feel that way.”  More than being a praise song, this song really talks about the wonders of God.  Nevertheless, it is the song that came to mind.

The other song is “How Deeply I Need You” by Shekinah Glory Ministry.  The lyrics are simple but powerful.  I meditate on this song whenever I am feeling ‘some kind of way’ and it always helps to center me.  Check it out, it may be able to boost your spirit at a time when you need it as well.

Here is my heart, I give it Lord to You
Here is my life, I lay it before You
Where else would I go?
What else would I do?
If I did not know You?
How deeply I need You

How deeply I need You, my Lord
How deeply I need You, my Lord
Like the desert needs the rain, I need You
Like the ocean needs the streams, I need You
Like the morning needs the sun, I need You
Lord You are my only one.

In every way, and every day
I need You

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2 Comments on Music Moods: How Deeply I Need You

  1. I listen to music a lot when I get upset. Music is great for relaxing and this week was one that I think everyone could use a little music and calmness after such horrible events.

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