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5 Minutes to Fab: Get Glowing With Bronzer (Guest Post)

yummy411OK, so here’s the deal…  I love makeup! Have I told you that? Yeah, I’m sure I have, but not to worry… I’m telling you again (so that you won’t feel that I’m holding back on you). I do, I love it and I buy it all the time to try new things.  As a mom, especially, I think it’s important that I always try to have a polished look! Even still, I am nobody’s expert.  But, I happen to know quite a few people who are! SO…  I called in a favor from a pro. Enjoy this guest post from the fabulous beauty blogger Yummy411!  She’s always sharing the latest and greatest beauty tips and trends.  Check out her blog HERE.


Keep the summer alive and make your complexion glow with bronzer!   Do you think your skin is a bit dull?  Want an instant ‘pick me up’ without doing too much?  Try a bit of bronzer with a bit of shimmer!  There are many varieties: powder, cream and liquid, high end and drug store.   Here are some options to help you get glowing!  Tips: Use bronzer as blush.  Place illuminating bronzers on the high planes of the face or darker bronzers on the contours of the face.

1. Too Face Pink Leopard Bronzer, $20

2.  Soleil Tan De Chanel, $48

3.  Cover Girl Queen Natural Hue Bronzer, $6.99

4.  Victoria’s Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder, $16

5.  NYX Tango Bronzing Stick, $8

6.  Cargo Bronzing Powder, $28

Contributed by Yummy411…get it here!

6 Comments on 5 Minutes to Fab: Get Glowing With Bronzer (Guest Post)

  1. I love this! Bronzer happens to be a must-have for me. I use it on a daily bases to contour my face. Love this!

  2. Those are some really great products listed. I haven’t tried any of those but I have one by M.A.C that I love. Bronzer is a must for me when I’m dressed up to go out.

  3. Those are great products! Another beauty supply brand that is absolutely awesome is ruby kisses bronzer. It’s a must have for $5.

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