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bahamasHey beautiful people! Well, it seems that I inadvertently took a bit of a break from blogging.  It wasn’t my intent, but, I go with the flow of life and life told me that I needed to focus on some other things last week and thus, I did.  But, I’m back… let’s chat!

My family and I recently returned from a beautiful vacation in the Bahamas. It was truly a great time and a great opportunity for us to relax, bond and unwind. We almost didn’t go (even after booking the trip) because we were concerned about traveling with my 14 month old son and whether he’d be able to stand the flight without making everyone around us miserable. However, we decided to just do it and we’re all very happy that we did. He was great on the flight, by the way… he slept for the majority of the flight both going and coming.

While I had an amazing time on the trip, I must admit that I had something nagging at me for the first few days. Two favors were asked of me just a couple of days before I left and I’m usually one to deliver on favors, even if it requires me staying up all night or making other personal sacrifices. Well, unfortunately, trying to pack and prepare to travel outside of the country with two kids (on top of work and other things) got the best of me and I simply couldn’t find the time to make good on those favors. It was quite traumatic for me, and I couldn’t let it go. I even thought that I’d be able to get them done while I was there, but, surprise… no phone signal (obviously) and no internet without paying a hefty fee for special connectivity. There was a complimentary 20 minutes on the library computers granted to guests, but that was insufficient for me to do what was needed. I felt so uneasy until the respective deadlines had passed, but after that point, I felt freedom.

I realized that there was truly nothing that I could do at that point besides enjoy my vacation and live in the moment. Though not necessarily by choice… I had become a woman unplugged! No phone calls, no text messages, no social networking, no blogging, no responding to this or checking in on that… no distractions. It was just my hubby, my princess, my prince and me! My fancy smartphone simply became a backup camera for those instances where my camera needed to be recharged, though Miss Honeybun also used it to play games. Without the normal distractions, we managed to really tune into one another and enjoy every second together.

With the way that the world has evolved and the ease of connectivity in this day and age, disconnecting almost seems unheard of. We may find it easy to implement a ‘no electronics at the dinner table’ rule, or a ‘no phones in school policy’, but the idea of stepping away from the phone, iPad, computer, etc. for an entire week… not the easiest thing in the world to do. As difficult as it may seem, I must admit that it is equally as rewarding. Rather than trying to give an up-to-the-second account of “the moment” via picture or post… you might find yourself actually living in it. I certainly did.

While I did take advantage of 5 of my 20 complimentary minutes of connectivity to simply apologize to those persons to whom I owed favors, I proceeded to enjoy the laid back spirit of the island. We did a little bit of everything (well at least everything that we could do with two kids in tow): ate, swam, caught a couple of movies, explored, took pictures and ate and swam some more. Daddy and I even managed to spend our evenings talking on the terrace after putting the kids to bed. At home, these opportunities to just sit, relax and chat seem few and far between, so we were excited to take advantage of the opportunity.

They say that EVERYTHING is better in the Bahamas! Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but everything sure was amazing and beautiful!!! As always, I took tons of pictures, but, I’ve randomly selected just a few to share with you. Enjoy!

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