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Wasted Wednesdays: Hair Edition (Hashtag Wasted)

It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means… that means it’s time to get hashtag WASTED!  Now, if you didn’t catch my post last week and don’t know what that means… check it out here.  If you’re ready… let’s get wasted (hashtag wasted that is).

dsp aug13#Badhairdontcare #cutehatfixedthat #badhairday #purplehat #accessories #coolpic #camouflage #ladytricks #itsagirlthing #almostcanttell #worksforme #Boho #casual #Bohemianchic #bangs #cute #overcastday #gottamakeitwork

What’s your hashtag story? 

2 Comments on Wasted Wednesdays: Hair Edition (Hashtag Wasted)

  1. I wore a hat to the bus this morning 🙂 The first day back to school for my son always seems to spell a bad hair day for me! I love the hat, purple is one of my favorite colors.

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