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Wasted Wednesdays (Hashtag Wasted)

I’ve been thinking about instituting Wordless Wednesdays here at Pink, Candy and Stilettos.  Especially since I plan to begin posting more once I bring a bit of normalcy back to my life (things have been so hectic lately).  However, because I am who I am, I have to put my own spin on it.  So, rather than omitting words altogether, I thought I’d do something different by using Wednesdays to get “hashtag wasted” with my hashtag story (you’ve all seen the movie “Grownups” right? Otherwise, you might not get that reference)!  At any rate, everyone loves hashtags right?  They’re fun, clever, creative and quite useful, I must add, when using them for business tracking purposes.  So, I’ve chosen a few pictures that I’d love to share with you… let’s get wasted (in a good, hangover free, you can do this with your kids kind of way)!

2013-07-30 22.33.56    2013-07-30 21.33.45

#Beyonce #MrsCarterWorldTour #awesomeseats #frontrowsideview #epic #waytoomuchexcitement #giftfrommom #sofreakingawesome #theviewfrommyseat #thismayneverhappenagain #enjoyeditwhileitlasted #crazyinlove #party #naughtygirl #babyboy #Iwashere #faveBeysongs #mommyneverusuallygoesout #butmommyhadablast #tooktonsofpics #greatmemories

Well, that’s my very first hashtag story! Thanks for getting wasted with me (hashtag wasted that is)… let’s do it again, same time next week!


9 Comments on Wasted Wednesdays (Hashtag Wasted)

  1. I understand about waiting until things get back to normal to blog more 🙂 Blogging can be hard to fit in with everything else going on in our lives!

  2. Love your hastag wasted wednesday although I don’t like Beyonce. So not a fan. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week.

    • Lol… I definitely understand. People either love her or hate her. I went from not being able to stand her to loving her myself. As a singer, I respect her hustle. But, can’t say that I don’t understand where you’re coming from… I totally do. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We love, LOVE, Love the idea of getting #hashtagwasted! Maybe when we release our new standing weekly column, we’ll get in on the action (it may not fit our style, but we can dream, right?! lol). We are loving how PCS is developing…you are really rocking it out! Keep it coming :).

  4. #SoLate #Mybad #lovedablog #IMissDC

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