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Tea Time & Girl Talk: The Fingernail Fiasco

PhotoGrid_1371961691900It’s tea time, and today I’m having a cup of Earl Grey tea.  It’s not my favorite flavor in the world, but, it’s what’s available and today is a cup of tea type of day.  So, I plan to enjoy it while I tell you all about my nail drama. Argh!  It all started… well, technically, it all started at birth, but for purposes of this conversation, we’ll say, it all started last Saturday.  As I was opening a toy for my newly one-year-old, the fingernail on my right hand’s index finger cracked in half and bent backwards.  Yes I know, sounds painful.  Well… it was.  Upon realizing what had happened and managing not to curse out loud in my agony (I’m really proud of that… I never curse in front of my children, but if anything could have made me accidentally do it, it would have been this), I immediately proceeded up the steps to clip the nail down and off.  I didn’t want any chance of it accidentally hitting anything and getting sore, so I cut it right away.  Sadly, there was blood as the break occurred well below the tip of the nail bed (sorry for being so graphic).

This SUCKED, though not as much as the 10 or more times that I accidentally hit that tender fingertip over the next 48-72 hours.  There was pain and it was bad… I’ll just leave it at that.  I’m not generally a clumsy girl.  My issue, however, is this… I’ve always had naturally long nails.  For as long as I can remember, they’ve always grown long, hard and strong.  I have no idea why, they just do.  As a result, while I’m typically very ladylike, I’ve never learned to be delicate and gentle in an effort to maintain my nails (as I imagine one would be when she shells out cash to get tips added).  My hands may be dainty, but my nails are resilient so I usually just go with the flow of life.


Fast forward to Wednesday night.  I’ve managed to stop banging my fingertip and it has healed enough to try to throw some polish on it so I do. I’ve already cut all the nails on the right hand due to my uh… injury, so, I’m deciding if I feel like cutting the nails on the left hand.  I realize that it has to happen in the next couple of days anyway because the lengths are now so drastically different.  However,  I only have a few minutes to throw some polish on and try to get back to work, so… I’ll wait until the weekend so that I have time to file and shape them like I need to (or so I think).  Insert Thursday morning.

The morning gets off to a decent enough start; family up, kids ready, out the door, off to the races with a whole lot of action in between.  I make it to work, park the car, grab my things and off I go.  As I shift my work bag (which oddly was not that heavy) from my right hand to my left, CRACK, there it is! The fingernail on my left hand’s middle finger cracks… HERE WE GO AGAIN!  No worries though, it wasn’t nearly as painful this time, just annoying (and raggedy, of course).  Fortunately, I keep a little manicure set at work for such a time as this (What? Don’t you?).  I proceeded to clip and toss those suckers.  I mean, who cares about nails anyway? Well… ask me that same question in a couple of months when mine are back on track.  I’ll probably tell you all about how a lady should keep her nails halfway decent.  Until then, I’ll be making due and camouflaging with my lovely collection of colors. Perhaps, I’ll bring Miss Honeybun along for the ride and share pics along the way.  I suppose we shall see!

8 Comments on Tea Time & Girl Talk: The Fingernail Fiasco

  1. Just reading that first paragraph made me squirm. I could just imagine the pain. Why do they make some of those toys so difficult to open. I’ve had numerous cuts just on my hands just trying to open some of them. Unlike you though because of my job I have to keep my nails short and nail polish free but yours look really good. Loving the colors. 🙂

  2. I have always had nails that break easy. Your nails are beautiful, the color is really pretty too! I’m sorry about the nails breaking, I hope they grow back quickly 🙂

  3. Ouch!! I hate it when that happens!! I can’t believe how well your nails grow naturally though! I am very jealous!

  4. OMG Sis, you know I know your pain! I’m so glad that we have nails that naturally grow long, but when they break, boy, do they break!

    I’ll have to come over for your color options! Nail-painting party, yay!!!

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