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Confessions of an Overwhelmed Mom

So, I’ve been noticeably missing and it’s not because I’m not committed to chatting with you girls regularly… it’s just that I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been living in functional chaos though I admit; it’s been for fabulous reasons.   We have had birthday parties, gymnastics showcases, baby dedications, dance recitals, graduations and numerous other activities going on, not to mention work and preparations to go out-of-town for a few days.  It has simply been a lot to handle and I had to allot myself an opportunity to shut down.   Naturally, I can’t shut down on my sweethearts, so, this was the sacrifice… I’m sure you understand.

Well, why bring it up if I’m not going to share right? Agreed.  So, check out a few photos from our very eventful week (really more like a week and a half, but that didn’t sound as cool).

 PhotoGrid_1370203642751     PhotoGrid_1370203532186

I love bringing people together and I simply adore throwing a good party! So, putting together this cute little first birthday party for my handsome little guy was so much fun!!!  The theme was “Milk and Cookies” and everything about it was sweet!

??????????    ??????????

 If you can believe this, the afternoon of the birthday party, my daughter also had a gymnastics showcase (after dance practice that morning, of course).  So, we prepared the party the night before (nope, I didn’t sleep), packed into the car and went to see her do her thing!  She loves gymnastics.  In our home, it’s quite normal to hear the sound of non-stop cartwheels ALL DAY LONG, literally.  Anyway, we had a blast and came home to finish up some last-minute details before company came.

??????????    2013-06-02 15.02.35

The next morning, we were joined by family and friends as our son was dedicated.  It proved to be quite the eventful weekend.

2013-06-08 19.24.16    2013-06-08 19.50.20

 The next few days were spent rehearsing for my Honeybun’s dance recital the following weekend.  I did manage to make my way to the salon for an adorable, though unplanned, haircut! Yay me!  The recital was adorably cute and after another busy and super jam-packed day leading up to it, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to settle down and rest (well, as much as one can rest when she has two kids)!

Work has also been incredibly busy these past couple of weeks, so the madness that is my life continues.  I am definitely striving to maintain some balance in the midst of all this activity, so, instead of stressing over all that I have to do… I think I’ll paint my nails!

6 Comments on Confessions of an Overwhelmed Mom

  1. It does sound busy! Your daughter looks so happy at her gymnastics meet and dance recital!

  2. So, where’s the pic of your cute haircut?

    • LOL… I knew someone would ask. Honestly, I haven’t taken any photos of it if you can believe that! I’m such a photo junkie, but usually only as it pertains to OTHER people. I’ll try to get one up soon. Maybe. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a rather busy week. Here’s hoping for a more relaxing one. The pics of the kids are fabulous.

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