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Finding Common Ground

As a woman today, at times it can seem rather easy to lose sight of reality and where we are truly expected to be at any given point in our lives.  With all the images and stories that we are exposed to in the media, social media included, one can easily get the impression that her story is unusual and that her life experiences are not typical of a modern woman.  While we can almost be certain that there are other women out there in the universe who can relate to our personal experiences, it is not always easy to find common ground with the women and stories of women portrayed in mainstream media.

With that being said, we are elated to have the inside scoop on an amazing new site that will be launching this weekend called the Common Ground Chronicles!  A little birdie has been telling us all about this soon-to-be-launched media platform that is all about and for the ladies. That’s right! Women between the ages of 25 to 40 from all over the world are getting REAL with The Common Ground Chronicles–real honest, real open, real vulnerable and real raw about real life issues.  We’re talking everything from goals and aspirations to religion and sex. (That’s right up our alley right?) The word on the street is that this new platform is all about shedding light on “real, everyday women” with relatable stories–a place where women can go to read, see and hear about other twenty, thirty and forty plus-somethings and how they are dealing with all that life throws at them. The tag line for the site is rumored to be “Conversations w/ REAL women about REAL life issues.” According to our inside source, the new site will feature a series of stories about a different “real woman” every week and is scheduled to be launched on Sunday, June 2nd.

I love this idea and I can’t wait to see what the Common Ground Chronicles has in store.  Please check it out at  They’re also on Facebook at

Oh, and by the way, if you’re interested in sharing your story with the mysterious group of women behind The Common Ground Chronicles, we happen to know that they want to hear from you so shoot them an email at!

2 Comments on Finding Common Ground

  1. Sounds like a great new site. I love finding out about new places to go online 🙂

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