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The Bathtime Gift

I had planned to write about something different tonight, but alas, that post will have to wait until tomorrow.  We had such a bath time adventure in our house tonight that I simply had to share.  Now, my son and I have a bit of a ritual at bath time.  It’s simple, and it works for us… keeping everyone happy.  I run his bath water and place his toys in the bathtub, once I put him in, he gets to play with his toys for about 10 minutes or so (depending on the mood that he’s in) and I get to play in make-up (as I stand right next to him keeping an eye on him, of course).  My daughter is typically in the other bathtub playing (she’ll stay in for hours if you let her). That’s our deal and usually, it works for us.

Well, tonight, my son had a different idea and it cut our playtime short, very short.  I could see that my baby boy was tired before giving him his bath.  When I put him in, he played for a bit, but, was definitely not himself. When I noticed this, I proceeded to wash his hair and bathe him before getting him out.  Well, as I was bathing him, I stood him up as I usually do when I’m washing his bottom.  This time, however, when he stood there was a little gift waiting for me.  I glanced at the water, then, unsure what I was seeing, looked carefully to see if I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing.  And there it was… a little gift from my prince… his number 2.  I proceeded to thoroughly rinse his hair and body, then, did the only thing I knew to do in this situation.  I called my husband to come clean it.  Listen,when I was potty training my daughter, I realized that cleaning up number 2 is simply not my forte.  I can change a diaper with no problem.  My issue seems to be cleaning it from other surfaces such as potties, bathtubs, etc. (you get my drift).

So,  no playing in make-up for me tonight.  It was such a shame too because I just purchased two great new colors that I was looking forward to trying out.  Well, I suppose there’s always next time!

2 Comments on The Bathtime Gift

  1. My daughter totally did the same thing! They don’t say anything and you just find it floating in the water! Gross! I did the same thing and let my husband take take of it! We have 3 girls, so I get to do all the potty training. I figure the least he can do is clean up a little poop!

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