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Like every other Scandal fan, I was on the edge of my seat during Thursday night’s season finale.  While nursing my son to sleep in a separate part of the house from the friends that had come over to watch with my husband and I (#mommylife), my eyes were glued to the television trying to take in each and every detail.  We all know this is a must with this show… if you miss one second, you might miss a LOT.  The episode did not disappoint.  With tons of twists and turns in between, it  answered the questions we came into the episode with such as: Now that we know who the mole is, what in the world is gonna happen next? Why did David betray the Gladiators? Will the mistress be revealed and who is the CIA dude and what does he want with Olivia? It was thrilling watching it all unfold.

Oh the moments… Huck freezing up (now we know that he is truly traumatized); conversely seeing that Quinn has been too good a student and is probably about two episodes away from taking it to the point of no return (can you believe what she did?); Cyrus having a heart attack and Olivia almost being murdered.  One of the more shocking moments for me was seeing Fitz stick it to Mellie in the hospital room… seriously, my jaw was on the floor.  I know what you’re saying, how can that be more shocking that attempted murder, but hey, based on the nature of Liv’s job, that seems like something that was bound to happen.  My exciting moment was finding that David had not betrayed OPA (Olivia Pope and Associates) after all, but instead, had planned and executed this elaborate scheme designed to kill two birds with one stone: restore his reputation in Washington – bringing himself out of professional exile, and expose the mole and bring an end to the Albatross mystery which has been hanging over everyone’s head.  He was brilliant!  Now, to the OMG moment of the show, yes, that one.  I knew that something was up when I saw everyone staring at Olivia as she walked with pride through the lobby of her building thinking that all in the world was as it should be.  But in true Shonda fashion, I was blown away to realize that not only had she actually been exposed for being the President’s mistress (WHO TOLD… I MUST know),but, she was snatched away only to come face to face with the dude that was trying to have her killed (OH NO) but WAIT!… The mystery CIA dude is her father?  Unbelievable! Shonda Rhimes my dear, you are BRILLIANT! That is all.

Yes, I do realize that there was so much more to the episode than that, but those are the moments that truly stood out to me.  So, at the end of the season which has undoubtedly given us all addictive tendencies, sucking us further in and keeping us wanting more and more, I am even more of a fan than I was before and simply can’t wait to see what’s in store for next season.  So Scandalites, what to do until our dear guilty pleasure returns?  I say… host some fabulous Scandal watching parties to review seasons 1 and 2!  Everything’s better with a little food, wine and friends… and now that we’ve seen the seasons, we don’t have to give people the side eye for trying to talk to us during the episodes.

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  1. you are hilarious!!!! I soooo understand giving forks the “side eye/ I-wish-you-would-respect-the-fact-that-i-am-watching-my-show-and-hush-that-mouth” look. If I didn’t have the luxury of watching it on, boy, there would be a serious ploblem. But I have now problem confessing that, “Yes, my name is Thonic and I too am a Scandalite!!!” It’s been a pleasure to know that I’m not the only one. ANd I’m definitely down for bring food and drinks to a Season 1 and 2 (all veg out) Scandal Watch Party!! . Great idea. I’m a Gladiator for sure!!!

    • Thanks Thonic! I had a ball watching with you and we will be having our Watch party sooner than later! Let’s do this!

  2. I’ve personally never seen an episode of this show. I keep telling myself that I’m going to watch it but I never do. Guess I can now catch up on Netflix until the next season starts.

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